Memorial Day: Remember the Fallen

I attended my brother Doug’s funeral on February 4, 2009 in Ohio. He was given a rifle salute. I had never paid much attention to the honor guard and what they did in the past. But at my brother’s funeral I focused on every little detail because this ceremony was significant.

Seven men stood in a row, the commander of the guard called roll: “Sgt. Baxter.”

Sgt. Baxter replied, “Here sir.”

“Gunners Mate, Morris,” Morris replied, “Here sir.”

“Private Zimmerman,” He responded, “Here sir.”

“Airman Jones.” “Here sir.”

“Corporal Myers.” “Here sir.”

The commander called for, “Private Martin,” “Here sir.”

Then the commander called, “Seaman Jackson,” There was no reply. “Seaman Jackson.” Still, no reply. “Seaman Douglas Jackson,” Again there was no answer.

One of the guard members called to the commander, “Seaman Douglas Jackson is not here sir.”

The seven men raised their rifles and shot rapidly three times each in honor of the fallen seaman, my brother, Seaman Douglas Jackson. Then a bugler played taps. The anxiety of not hearing my brother reply, “Here sir,” was strong. The emotional tension was high as mourners sobbed and embraced each other. Faces that previously had not shown any grief at the funeral now contorted with pain and streamed tears.

Two members of the guard stepped forward and took the American flag from my brother’s coffin. They folded the flag neatly then turned and knelt down to our mother and said, “Another veteran, Seaman Douglas Jackson, has been called to a higher command. On behave of a grateful nation, I present you with a flag of our country.” He then rose and gave our mother a slow deliberate salute.

As I sat there taking it all in, I noticed the guard members were in their late 60’s and 70’s.

When I returned home to Arcadia, Florida, I inquired with the commander of the DeSoto County Veteran’s Honor Guard as to why the honor guard was predominately older men.

He explained that there are fewer and fewer military people joining service organizations such as the VFW, American Legion, Am Vets, DAV, etc., which help to supply members for the honor guard. One reason for that is that people are still working and busy with their careers, and not always able to attend daytime funerals. Ninety percent of the honor guard members are retirees.

The commander also stated that the local American Legion, which had 250 members after World War II, is down to 125 members, with only a few who regularly attend meetings.

As of this writing, the DeSoto County Veterans Honor Guard has performed at more than 300 funerals since 1992. They also perform in parades, school and civic functions.

Honor guards nationwide are always looking for volunteers to fill the ranks. You don’t have to be a member of one of the service organizations to join. You need only prior service in the armed forces. They will provide the training and the uniforms.

It is a wonderful service that they provide. I will always remember how special it made my brother’s funeral. Let us always strive to remember our fallen, They are the reason that we are free.

Military Loans With No Credit Check Required

The daily business of America’s military members is tough to say the least. In no other job are you literally made to work 24 hours, 7 days a week and put your life on the line. For the thousands of military members who sacrifice in this way each day, there is no way to ever truly say thank you. However, there are ways that we can show appreciation for what they do and that is by helping them out of tough financial situations by offering special loans for military members with no credit check required.

Tough Times Made Tougher

For the military member in financial crisis, there is little recourse from his current situation. It’s not like a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine can get a part time job or ask for a raise. This problem is made even worse when that same person is deployed overseas with a family at home. The added burden of worrying about your family can take away from the focus you need to perform the job at hand. Crafting special loans for just this type of circumstance is only one small way that lenders can help to alleviate this difficult time.

No Credit Check

Military members with bad credit are going to afraid to even ask for a loan out of both embarrassment and fear of failure. It’s true that those with bad credit are routinely denied loans due to past mistakes. However, the job security that is inherent in military service makes for a special set of circumstances in the eyes of lenders who specialize in serving the military.

Loans given to military members under these special programs will not have the same requirements as similar loans given to civilians, starting with no credit check and extending to the details and terms offered by these special military loans.

Understanding Terms

As a military member, you are eligible for special loans with no credit check. These loans are given once you can prove your identity and your military service and rank, you will also need to give them a proof of your U.S. address and bank account information so that the money from your loan can be directly deposited. Generally, the amounts that you get can go as high as $25K and the repayment can last as long as 7-10 years.

Therefore, when you are looking for a loan for a large purchase, such as a home renovation or new car, using military loans can be a huge help. Also, these loans can be of great assistance at times when you need to pay tuition for spouses and children to attend college.

Shop Online, but Be Wise

All of the tools that you need to acquire a military loan with no credit check can be found online. This is especially helpful for those serving overseas since you need not actually meet with your lender in person. However, with the convenience of online lending, there are also some clear risks.

Make sure that you research any lender that you choose to use through independent ranking agencies such as financial websites and the Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure that you get a quote from more than one lender to make sure you are getting the best deal out there.

One Small Thanks

Providing no credit check loan options to military members is only one small way that civilians and businesses can say thanks. The job you do is tough, financial strain should not make it worse.

Implementing a Personal Health Record While Applying For Health Insurance Online

The preparation phase of filing for health insurance is an excellent time to implement a computer-based personal health record (PHR) because you can proverbially kill two birds with one stone, i.e. begin the creation of your own all important personal medical record and decrease the likelihood of being denied medical insurance coverage or experiencing gaps in your coverage known as pre-existing exclusions if your application is approved because of incorrect information entered on your application. The online health insurance application process from acquisition of health insurance quotes to the final application approval is a streamlined one which is designed to enable you to find the best insurance for you in the least amount of time, but if you do not have the proper information pertaining to your health while going through the process, the efficiency that is intended may be minimized or negated.   

The creation of a personal health record as you prepare to file for health insurance online probably can not only help you more efficiently and accurately go through the application process and find the health insurance that is best for you, but can also be of immense value to you in the future in other settings such as applying for a job, applying for various licenses that require health information, obtaining an airman medical certificate if you are a pilot, and preparing for visits to doctors or other health care providers, only to mention a few.  

In applying for health insurance, as is the case in virtually any application proceeding, going through the process without having documents to refer to can be very frustrating and might result in incorrect information being submitted causing your application to be denied, and in the worst case scenario, a conviction for health insurance fraud. 

In deciding whether not to grant you medical insurance, insurance companies want to know a number of things about your past and current health such as past illnesses, current illnesses, dates of onset of symptoms pertaining to diagnosed and non-diagnosed medical conditions, surgeries, past and present medications, allergies, immunizations and even some details about the health of family members inasmuch as some conditions have hereditary links. Not all insurance companies use the same application form, but to get a good idea of additional information that you need to focus on entering into your personal health record in preparation for the application process you can download a standard insurance application for your state from a site on the Internet. You may be able to obtain some of the relevant information from paper records you already have such as copies of superbills from doctor visits, a health diary, prescription receipts, prescription bottle labels or notes you have taken during actual doctor visits. As you gather this information prior to applying for health insurance online is a good idea to organize it for quick and easy reference during the health insurance online application process by entering it into the appropriate sections of your PHR.  

It is unlikely that you will have all the information you need at your fingertips, thus it might be necessary to obtain some of that information from your health care provider(s). While it would not be practical or reasonable to expect your healthcare provider to review your office medical record and answer all your questions during a sick visit or follow up visit, state laws give you access to review your medical records upon request during the office business hours. Because this might be a unique experience for your healthcare provider and staff and could engender some concerns regarding possible litigious intent on your part, it might be a good idea to be forthright early on in expressing exactly what your purpose is for acquiring the information and why you think having a personal health record would be of benefit to you and possibly the health care provider as well.  

As you review your office records is a good idea to take notes of what you can understand and perhaps make copies of important x-ray and laboratory reports which can later be incorporated in your PHR if you have a scanner. If your medical history is rather complicated and/or your office record is not legible or difficult to understand it might be best to speak with your doctor to see if a special appointment can be made to review and discuss the salient features of the record and/or if a summary with dates and copies of the important supporting documents such as laboratory reports and x-rays can be provided. If your doctor has a very busy schedule and would charge you a visit to provide this information you might request assistance from a qualified member of the staff instead of the doctor per se, if appropriate.

It is not necessary that your entire personal health record be finished prior to applying for health insurance online, but once the basic information for used for insurance application has been entered, the remainder of the work can be done at your leisure.